Pha Tad Ke Botanical Garden

01Our Mission

To create Pha Tad Ke, the first botanical garden in Laos.

We are forming a regional research center in order to create the first living collection of the flora of Laos that will provide an opportunity for collaboration with international botanical institutes. Pha Tad Ke is currently being developed and cared for with the help of dedicated scientists and more than 30 Lao staff, and when open to the general public offer a beautifully landscaped setting for visitors.

At the garden, we will develop educational programs for all age groups while conducting research into plant reintroduction, horticulture, ethno-botany and medicinal plants to address critical problems ranging from the management of local natural resources to conserving biodiversity worldwide. Through our publications, cultural and social outreach activities, we aim to make a substantial contribution to the responsible development of the region, and to the creation of real expertise that enables Laos to develop specialist skills for a sustainable future.

Our Objectives

– Establish a survey of the flora of Laos, a collection of in-situ and ex-situ plants, and a program of conservation including research facilities and logistical support for scientists.

– Create educational opportunities for local and international constituents, including children, and contribute to capacity building through training and support for Lao students in horticultural and botanic studies.

– Provide a natural setting for visitors to enjoy the beauty of the region while promoting eco-tourism that creates local employment opportunities and increases tourism, stimulating economic development in the region.

– Promote sustainable ecological preservation and contribute to biodiversity conservation and awareness programs in Laos and internationally through extensive research, education, social outreach and resource building.

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Pha Tad Ke Botanical Garden
Office Ban Vat That, PO Box 959, 06000 Luang Prabang, Lao PDR

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Pha Tad Ke Botanical Garden has an active publication program and you can find below the titles that we have already published with links to more information or free download for educational activities for some of them. We hope that you will enjoy our publications !

Field Guides

Gingers of Cambodia, Laos & Vietnam – Dr. Jana Skornickova & Dr. Mark Newman
232 pages, 420 ill. 17,6 x 25cm, 2015, English, price 25$ (international postage add 8$)



Jouer la nature. Une enfance au Laos entre rizières et forêt – Biba Vilayleck
112 pages, 70 ill. 25 x 22cm, 2014, French & Lao, price 25$ (international postage add 8$)

Les Fleurs de la Dévotion. Ethnobotanique cultuelle au Laos – Biba Vilayleck & Baj Strobel
204 pages, 339 ill. 25 x 22cm, 2012, French, price 35$ (international postage add 8$)


For College & University Students

Ecology and Biodiversity in Lao PDR – Toulaphone Keokene
52 pages, 25 ill. 30 x 21cm, 2013, Lao & English versions, free download: Lao / English


Teachers Manuals

Primary School Garden – Mary Oakley Strasser, Florian Obermeier & Pasith Sengamphone
64 pages, 38 ill. 30 x 21cm, 2013, Lao & English versions, free download: Lao / English

Medicinal Plant Manual – Kittisack Phoutthavong
41 pages, 38 ill. 30 x 21cm, 2015, Lao version, free download: Lao


For Children & Adults

Medicinal Plants – Somsanith Bouamanivong
52 pages, 74 ill. 30 x 21cm, 2012, Lao, free download: Lao
Trees of Laos – Dr. Bouakhaykone Svengsuksa
48 pages, 38 ill. 30 x 21cm, 2011, Lao, free download: Lao
Plants of the forest – Khamfa Chanthavongsa
64 pages, 54 ill. 30 x 21cm, 2011, Lao, free download: Lao
Flowers and Symbols of Buddhism in Laos – Manichanh Sayavong
64 pages, 74 ill. 30 x 21cm, 2011, Lao, free download: Lao


Culture & Art

Five Young Lao Photographers – Vol. 1 Pha Tad Ke Young Artists’ Series
80 pages, 70 ill. 21 x 30cm, 2015, Lao & English, price 10$ (international postage add 6$)

In Collaboration with Project Space • Luang Prabang
Tcheu Siong. The Genie behind the Scissors – Baj Strobel
80 pages, 70 ill. 21 x 30cm, 2010, French & English, price 10$ (international postage add 6$)

Available as e-catalog
Pha Tad Ke Botanical Garden @ Project Space • Luang Prabang– 2013
Science Faith – Prasert Yodkaew – 2012
Yao Mien – Ceremonial Paintings– 2012
Ken Yarbrough – Spirit Houses – 2011
Phaa Hom – Blankets of Various Tai Groups – 2011
Vatthana Siamkha – Photographs – 2011
Kees Sprengers – Sacred Rituals of the Yao – 2011
Ka Xiong – Smoke & Light. Spirit World – 2011
Across the Mekong a group show with works from Isan – 2011
Shadow theatre from Champassak – Drawings from Somphone Vongsouvanh – 2011




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Special events

Luang Prabang – “I like It”

In the framework of the Laos Culture Challenge Fund sponsored by the SDC, Pha Tad Ke will organize several cultural events this autumn with Luang Prabang based organizations such as Music Everyone School, @My Library and Souphanouvong University. Here is the preview of the first poster with upcoming events and portraits of local actors of the culture scene.

Poster PTK 1  Poster PTK 2